300m from Benodet seafront, Campsite de la Plage ****welcomes

you and your family in its enchanting and green environment for your holidays!

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Special offers for 2023

Discounts -5% or -10% discounts in 2023 


Discover our wide range of offers in Campsite de la Plage **** in Benodet 300 m only from the seafront.

  • Special campsite discounts in 2023:

  • 10% off on booking for 3 weeks (21 consecutive nights) throughout the season for a camping pitch or for mobil-home or chalet rental accommodation.

  • For caravaning-tourers only: -10% off for camping pitch from 16/06 to 08/07/2023 and from 19/08 to 17/09/2023.
  • Discounts (-5% and -10%) are not applicable on the special camper-van area prices.

Those offers are worth throughout the season but will be not be added to other offers. The most important discount will be applied by the campsite on the total cost.

Special offers for club members such as ADAC, ANWB-CKE  with compulsory card members 2023.

  • ADAC  2023 Special offer for ADAC members  :
  • 24€/night/2people on the campsite special camper vans area between 16/06 to 08/07 and from 19/08 to 17/09/2023 with 2023 ADAC card member. The other periods of time are also accessible to ADAC members but the price/night will be the regular 2023 campsite pricelist. 

  • ADAC: -5%discount/week for mobile-homes and chalets accommodations between 08/07 and 26/08 with 2023 ADAC card member.
  • ADAC: -10%discount/week for mobile-homes or chalets accommodations between 18/05 and 08/07 and from 26/08 to 17/09/2023 with 2023 ADAC card member.


  • 2023 Special ANWB-CKE offer for CAMPER-VANS with ANWB-CKE 2023 card including 1 pitch, 2 people and  6 amps electricity:

  • ANWB-CKE: 24€/night from 16/06 to 08/07/2022 and from 19/08 up to 17/09/2023 on special camper vans area only. ANWB-CKE members are most welcome on other periods of time in our campsite! Please remind that for those periods the applied pricelist will be the 2023 regular campsite pricelist.

  • ANWB-CKE: -10% discount per week/mobile-home or chalet accommodation from 18/05 up to 08/07 and from 26/08 up to 17/09/2023 with 2023 ANWB-CKE card member.
  • ANWB-CKE: -5% discount per week/mobile-home or chalet accommodation between 08/07 to 26/08/2023 with 2023 ANWB-CKE card member.


Member card is compulsory and must be shown at your arrival in the campsite.

Please contact us for further information.